Sunday, March 28, 2010

iheart faces: Dramatic Black and White Photography

I just took this photo about a week ago and I've been waiting for a real good reason to post it since this is a NEW blog for me. A mood, feeling, I wrote a poem/story and I thought this picture would look great with it, etc. But today I saw that the folks at iheartfaces were looking for dramatic black and white photo entries this week and I knew EXACTLY which one I would share with them and you!


Adventure Hunt

I love going on a hunt for things to photograph. In fact, I think my whole family enjoys it! I've been down this road in Biddeford a few times and I've always said to myself, man I should stop here to take some pictures sometime. And yesterday I did! Here are the results from my stop!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring is in the air...FINALLY!

Not that it's LATE or anything! But man this spring (at least for me) was more awaited than the day I was to go on my trip to Puerto Rico in 2005. (I'll post pics of that another time!) The weather is starting to brighten, and the amazing awakening of nature is beginning! I have been able to open my windows (a couple of times) already to let the fresh air in. I have even begun some yard work preps and dreaming of having a beautiful flower garden (a small one!) in my back yard this year! Even Jovi, my pug, is glad to see the nicer weather and not have Mom (me) garb her up to go outside. I don't do that all of the time, but it sure is awful darn cute to see! This year I'm thinking Jovi needs a pretty little sundress...I seriously hope that she didn't hear that!!

Well, cheers for spring. Here's to a healthy, happy one for all of you! :D

Just in case you needed a smile is a pic I took of my 19 month old son yesterday. He is rockin' his rockin' glasses for sure!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My First Post to this blog site!

Since I wasn't happy with the blog that I had through another service, I have decided to switch and try something new. I will start by sharing with everyone some fantastic photos that I took the other day while we were exploring a local walking path...I love sunsets! :D


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